How to pay via Paypal

For those who choose to pay using PayPal, we only accept Personal Payment as of this time. You may pay using your credit card/debit card or through your PayPal balance.    For credit/debit card users, we kindly request you to shoulder the  PayPal transaction fee, which is 3.4% of the amount you wish to pay + Php15 flat rate.  Hence we only charged minimal rate for our service fee.

Here is how you send payment through PayPal:

Create account

1.  Create a PayPal account, if you have none, at this URL:

2.  Provide the necessary details and follow the given instructions


3.  Login to your PayPal account at this URL:

4.  Select Send Payment or Send Money tab


3.  Type in the To (Email) Field
4.  Enter amount due in PHP
5.  Select  I’m making personal payments option under purpose of payment
6.  Click Continue


7. On the next page, kindly click or check I will pay the fee

8. Type the Tour Package name and the number of person availing the service. You may also type additional messages  for us.

9. Click Send Payment